Welcome to Puerto Vallarta & Casa Costa 608

Contact Ray in Aptos: Good Morning from Plaza Dorada in Puerto Vallarta.  The sun is just breaking over the mountains to the east behind me lighting up the glistening, rippled surface of the sea in the beautiful Bay of Banderas in front of me.  I am surrounded right and left by mountains of dark green jungles where the new light of morning has not yet penetrated...the air moving slightly, just enough to cause the slender leaves of the tall palm trees to wave a quiet greeting to me here on my balcony sixty feet above the sand and surf.

This morning I see no whales occasionally peeking out of their water world to check on the whereabouts of those tiny human creatures who constantly harass these ancient giants, shattering the beautiful sounds and silence of the sea screaming "There's one, there's one!" Yesterday several of the big guys played tag all morning, sailing into the sun, falling back, sending waves big enough to sink small boats captained by Ahab. "Oh, there's one now!" Another day in the beauty of Banderas Bay.

How can I say what a blessing it is to be here!  I am surrounded by serene beauty...not just
the silent greenness and grandeur of the mountains...not just the consistent cadence and
crash of the sea...much more...the serenity of soul because life is slower here in Puerto
Vallarta; "It can wait till manana" is usually true; the culture is calmer.

For me, a busy US business (busyness) type, coming to Puerto Vallarta for even a stay of a
few days is like going to a silent church and kneeling to quietly pray.  Here, I hear myself
live and hear myself wonder what most of that busyness is all about.  I watch people walk
and most of us (locals, tourists, expats) move slower.  And time seems to move slower...we
take more time to enjoy each other - over coffee, shared meals, or "happy hour(s)".  Now
what was it I didn't do today?...oh well manana. 

Remember that line from the old song "Kentucky"?  "When I die I want to rest upon a
peaceful mountain so high...for that is where God will look for me."  As I live I want to
walk the peaceful beaches, streets, and paths of Puerto Vallarta...for this is where I know
I want to be.