Special Condo Information - Condominium Plaza Dorada  

A. Before leaving home: - KEYS...KEYS...KEYS

      1. PASSPORTS for everyone

       2. Be sure you have your Written Authorization From The Owner.  (See sample) You cannot stay at the 
          Condo Plaza Dorada (CPD) without it.  (See D - Rules and Regulations.)

       3. Location map A to condo for taxi driver.  #11 on the map.

       4. Check the weather / season in PV - What to wear.

       5. Alaska Airlines,United, and Virgin America offer non-stop out of SF.  Sooner you buy the lower the price.

       6.  Sometimes if you check in 2 - 3 hours early, you can upgrade to 1st class for $100 - $200

       7. Let your credit card companies know you're in Mexico.

       8. Fly from SF on Alaska you will depart Domestic and return International.  United and Virgin - depart and return

       9. NO PETS ALLOWED!!

B. Arriving Puerto Vallarta:

       1. Custom forms on the plane.

       2. Immigration form - KEEP THE STUB!  You have to turn it in when you leave.


       4. Taxi to Condominium Plaza Dorada (CPD) No more than $20 for the taxi.  $5 for the driver.  Maybe 
           less if you want to bargain.  Give him the map.  See #11.

       5. Taxis charge by zones.  You can ask for a zone map.

C. About Casa Costa #608:

       1. The MAXIMUM number of persons (all ages) is SIX (6)... enforced.  More than that and someone will 
           have to leave.  (See D - Rules and Regulations)    

       2. NO PHONE (land line), TV, WIFI!!! DVD player and TV screen for movies - YES.  Good cell service.
         (See E - About Puerto Vallarta

      3. The BEST Location:  Bay of Banderas and beach in front...heart of Romantic Zone fun and restaurants
            to the rear.  (See G - Restaurants

       4. Parking: If you rent a vehicle (See F - Things to do) limited free parking on the street.  Pay garage 1/2 
           block away.

       5. As you enter (CPD) the street door, entry buzzer is on your left.  Push it for entry.  Unfortunately, the 
           English skills of some people at the front desk are very limited.

       6. Present your Written Form From The Owner (a must - don't leave home without it); sign in, take the 
           elevator to the 6th floor, turn left out of the elevator to Casa Costa #608 (unlock the bottom lock only) 
          AND ENTER "Coast House".  That's what "Casa Costa" means.

      7. To open the RIGHT SIDE & LEFT SIDE hinged glass door - push down and on the lower white plastic tab 
          PUSH OUT IN THE MIDDLE - and let the Bay of Banderas come into your lives!  Enjoy, use the potty (2),
          and begin to relax.

       8. Enjoy the "library" AND PLEASE leave at least one book for each one you take home with you.

      9. There should be plenty of towels, TP, sheets, dishes, etc.  Please replace any groceries/paper goods,
            when you leave.

      10. We have great neighbors next door 607, Ray (taller) and Lucus.

      11. The tub in the master bath drains slowly.

      12. There is a drawer full of local info in the 2nd bedroom dresser top right drawer.  Use it...add to it.

     13. There is a phone list of EMERGENCY and other useful numbers posted inside the kitchen cabinets to the
            lefts of the stove.  Please do not remove.  Others may need it too.

      14. One of the keys fits the beach gate by the pool (turn left out of the elevator then right) so you can come
            and go directly to the beach.

      15. Another key fits the storage cabinets in the basement in space #11 where the white Nissan is parked.  
           Use the key to get to the beach chairs and other beach stuff you are welcomed to use and please return.

D. Rules and Regulations:

     Yes, this place is alive with R & R because as the administrator - Patty Negret says, "CPD is a residence, 
     NOT A HOTEL."  This is the principal or secondary home for some of the owners so please keep that in mind
     as you enjoy yourselves at Casa Costa.

       1. HERE IS MY #1 RULE: Only the friends I have rented to and whose names appear on the Written Autho-
           rization form may sleep at CES.  Please do not rent it in your name for the use of other
people because
           the administrator will call the Policia...all kinds of trouble for you and me!

       2. In this web site is the short verison: 
           (A)  Condominiums Plaza Dorado (A)
              Residential Rules & Regulations 
      3. Then the longer version      

          (B)  Plaza Dorado Condominiums  (B) 
                          Internal Regulations

       4. Then a little more...  
          (C)  "Welcome to Plaza Dorada Condominiums"  (C)
                                         A little more...

E. About Puerto Vallarta:

      1. The Seasons: High Season -- Oct 15 to April 14 - When all the gringos (US and Canada) want to be here 
           and the Mexican people as well.  (The weather is pleasant - very little rain, no AC required, great golfing 
           weather and all the other. (See F - Things To Do.) 

       2. There are lots of beautiful resorts and high rise hotels and condos NORTH of town to accomodate them. 
           However, we are just across the Rio Caules, SOUTH of Old Town in the area known as Romantic Zone,
           surrounded by small shops, street vendors, succulent restaurants (large and small), all ethinicities, facing the
           sea.  It feels slow and like a small Mexican town...because it is .  Low Season - April 15 - October 14 
           when most expats head for home.  Hot, humid, rain (warm rain).  However...The Bay of Banderas is
           still here and the deck on Casa Costa #608 still has a great view of the Bay.  Many of the restaurants are
           still open and it s a pleasant walk in the warm rain to your favorites.  Good time of the year to have a
           good book handy, listen to the rain, AC on, and stop...maybe a nap, anytime you feel like it.

       3. PV is safe (like 85% of Mexico).  Have you heard about the two Auzies, who were talking?  One says he
           is taking his family to Monterey, CA USA for a holiday.  The other Auzie says "Aren't you afraid to go
           there...the crime rate in Chicago is so high."  PV is safe, safe, safe with a crime rate lower than most
           cities in the US.

       4. Drink the water...the local water...like out of the tap in the condo, like in restaurants, like anywhere at
           home.  PV closed the gates to Montezuma's Revenge fifty years ago.

       5. I still don't know the best way to get the best exchange rate (and the lowest charge) dollars to pesos.  
           Probably your local bank before you leave home.  There are plenty of banks, machines, and exchangers.
           Most places take credit cards.

       6. Most service people (and others) speak enough English to help us mono language people understand them.
           In fact, most of the Mexican people I've connected with speak very good English. I'm limited to "La cuenta, 
           por favor."

       7. I tip the same for various services as I do at home and most of the time the service is as good or better.

       8. Cell phone service is excellent and expensive.  We do not have a land line at Casa Costa.  To dial home:
           011 + area code + #.  Retrieve messages on your cell: 011 + area code + cell #, follow the prompter.  Local
           calls from your cell - area code 322, then seven digit local number.

       9. Most...well, many sunsets are spectacular from the deck of Casa Costa because we face west across
           Banderas Bay.  Also, it is a short walk south (left) on the Malecon (2 blocks) to Langostino's where all the
           sunsets can be spectacular if you drink a few of their Mango Daiquiris.  I speak from experience. 

    10. There is a grocery store at the corner of Constitution and A. Serdan (3 blocks east) called Risso's.  However,
          I still can't find that name anywhere on the outside of the building.

    11. Saturday mornings there is a small Farmers Market on Pulpito (3 blocks south) a block up from the beach.

    12. There seems to be about six different kinds of police jurisdictions...all very helpful and non-discriminating,

    13. Two emergency type hospitals are close by.

F. Things to do:

      1. Very first! Walk the Malecon! Leave condo via front gate by the pool.  Turn right and head north past Daiquiri 
          Dick's on the right, around Blue Shrimp on the left (both good food) and turn left again.  Just keep walking, up
          and over the pedestrian bridge over the Rio Cuale (Oscar's on the right has good food). Now you are in the area
          called Old Town.  Past Vitae (very good), left at the Amphitheater, and a walk across the front of Old Town with  
          the artworks and sand art on the left and the shops, restaurants, and night clubs on the right.
      2. PV is full of entertainment: The night clubs along the Malecon; various venues for headliners like the Bee Gees 
          Abba (recently), opera and symphony.  Don't miss the zanniest of all - Andale - just 2 blocks south of the condo
          on the other side of Olas Altas.

      3. There are several adventure/sports tours, shops, operators that offer every imaginable activity.  And car/jeep

      4. Several golf courses north.  Fishing by boat or on the sand.  Hunting - for the best restuarants (my favorite   
          sport) or the elusive iguanas that live in the trees above River Cafe (very good) that you can see (sometimes)  
          whitle standing on the south bound bridge over Rio Casale.  Or go to Los Arcos Hotel (1 block from the condo
          south), in through the lobby to the right, to the elevator on the left. Go up to the second floor, turn right and 
          watch the two lazy lounge lizards (usually) lounging in the sun all day on the roof of the lobby!  After that try the 
          wonderful ice cream concoctions served on the side walk at Maximilions.
       5. Sometimes you can see every evening fireworks from the deck of Casa Costa, fired from the
           Pirate Ship.  However, it's much better to be seated outside at Vista Grill (See G - Restaurants) on a balmy,
           just dark evening, sipping a mojito or margarita, snacking on guacumole and chips when the night sky lights
           up with five separate bursts from the ship.  Ah, Puerto Vallarta! Ah, heaven!!

G. Restaurants

       1. The list below are places I can recommend in Old Town and Romantic Zone.  The numbers (1 being highest)
           only represent my preference from time to time and have no relationship to price, quantity, service, etc.  In
           my opinion they're all worth trying.  You decide.  10% discount at Daiquiri Dicks for condo residents of
           Plaza Dorada.

       2. Two excellent websites that will give you phone numbers and addresses for most restaurants I have listed: 
                                           ■ vallarta-info.com/restaurants.html

                                           ■ vallartarestaurants.com

           Or Google: puerto vallarta resturants

       3.               1                                       2                                    3                                   

                Amapa Sunset                  Blue Shrimp                   Cafe de Olla (c)
                Barcelona Tapas              Cafe des Artistes            Coco's Kitchen
                Hacienda San Angel         Daiquiri Dick's                El Dorado
                Le Bistro                          El Panorama                  Jo Jack'n Fish House (c)
                No Way Jose (c)              Kaiser Maximilion           Langostino's (c)
                River Cafe                        La Palapa                      Si Senor
                Vista Grill                         Oscars
                Vitae                                Trio

                (c) - cash only       

H. When Leaving CASA ESCANO SEGRADO #608 and Puerto Vallarta

           1. Tell someone at the front desk one day before you are leaving.      

           2. Plan the dates now for your next trip...lower airfares.

                ME WHO FOLLOW YOU!!!  CHECK IT OFF!!!  DO IT!!!  PLEASE...

              ____       Wash all dishes and put them away.  Check the dishwasher...empty.

              ____       All food out of refer and freezer.  Turn them down.

              ____       All trash and garbage sorted and into cans provided at the door left of elevator.

              ____       Patio chairs and tables inside.

              ____       Pation shade cranked down and attached at both ends.

              ____       Window blinds drawn and closed both bedrooms.

              ____       All lights and fans off...pay special attention to the patio fans and lights!!!!  Really expensive
                            to have them on for a summer month and no one here!

              ____       Flush the toilets one more time.

              ____       Turn off all (3) air conditioner units.

              ____       Lock the glass doors: bedrooms & living room.

              ____       Put the EXTRA SET OF KEYS on the brick ledge inside at the front door.

              ____       Take the PRIMARY SET OF KEYS that you brought with you from RAY and return them to
                            RAY ASAP.  Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...Hope you loved it!!!