Rules & Regulations (A)

Welcome to our home in beautiful Puerto Vallarta!  You have come to a very special place, and we hope that you
enjoy yourself!  The following rules have been developed over the years so that all of us at Plaza Dorada will have
a peaceful and safe visit. Please respect our rules!!

1. Condominios Plaza Dorada is a residence, not a hotel.  You will not find bellhops, a concierge, or a secreterial
    service here!  So please do not expect that from the staff who work here.  What you will find here are many of
    the amenities of home, cared for by knowledgeable, friendly people, whose primary job is to tend to the 
    security and upkeep of the physical building.

2. Units must be used in orderly and tranquil manner.  Guests may not disturb the tranquility of others.  No loud
    music or other loud noises are allowed after 8:30 PM.

3. Do not hang towels or other items over the railings.  We think you will agree we have a beautiful building, and
    we like it that way.

4. Due to strong breezes, the doors tend to slam.  Therefore, they must be secured when in the open position.

5. Rules for the pool:

      a. The pool is closed at 10PM nightly.  The gate to the beach must be kept closed at all times for our security.
      b. Wash sand off your feet at the shower by the gate entrance before entering the building or the swimming
          pool. It is very difficult to clean sand from the bottom of the pool.
      c. Towel yourself dry before entering the building, especially the elevator.  None of us want to slip and slide
          on water from our wet bathing suit.
      d. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult, 21 or older.
      e. Plastic utensils are to be used at poolside.  Glassware is a safety hazard.
      f.  Personal floatation devices for water safety are advised, especially for young children.  Large floats or
          boogie boards which make it difficult for others to swim around you are not welcomed.
      g. Suntan lotion stains the pool furniture. Please lay down a beach towel before you sit down.
      h. Pool furniture is to remain poolside.  It may not be moved to the beach or to your condominium, or into the
      i.  Furniture is for your enjoyment on a "first come, first served" basis.  Advance ticket sales or reserved
          seating is not available!

6. Do not leave beach towels at the pool.  They are cleaned along with the other towels and linens in your unit.

7. Warning! Floor tile is very slippery when wet!  Please use extreme caution both within the building 
    and around the pool.