Rules & Regulations (B)


7A. Arrivals & Departures:

1. Owners are required to notify the Condominium Administration / Manager of the date their unit will be occupied.
2. Guest must present Written Authorization From The Owner with a list of the names of the occupants permitted
    to use the condominium unit.  Guests will not be permitted entrance to  the condo unless they have this
    permission letter with them.

3. Upon arrival guests must fill out a registration card at the desk.  The issuance of condominium unit and beach  
    gate keys is the responsibility of the owner.  They are not available and will not be given out at the reception  

4. Owners and / or  guests must notify the receptionist one day in advance of the date and time they are 

5. Checkout time for guests is 12:00 noon in order to permit the cleaning of the condominium unit for incoming
    owners and / or guests.  Luggage can be stored at the front desk for owners and / or guests with later flights.

B. Maid Service, Cleaning Service and Use of Employees:

1. Maid service will be provided 2 days per week.  The reception desk will advise the days of maid service for
    each unit.  There is no scheduled maid service on Sunday or on the following legal or union contract holidays: 
    January 1, February 5, March 21, May 1, September 16, November 20 and December 25. 

2. Maids are responsible for cleaning floors, sink, bathtubs, etc. and watering the plants within each unit. 
    Washing dishes is not part of the maid service.  There will be a $10.00 USD charge to the owners personal
    account whenever unwashed dishes are left in the condo after the homeowner or guest departs.  The 
    existence of unwashed dishes will be verified by the Administration / Manager.

3. Washers and dryers in the basement will be available only to the homeowners and family members' personal
    laundry.  A fee of $1.50 USD will be charged for each washer load and for each dryer load.  this fee is to be
    paid when the key to the laundry room is received.

4. The Condominium assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of linens, accidently broken items or other 
    unintentional damage to the condominium unit or its contents.

C. General:

1. Garbage must be well secured in plastic bags and disposed of in the room on each floor near the elevator.

2. Do not place glass bottles or jars in the bag with the garbage.  Please leave them in plastic containers marked
    "glass only" on each floor near the elevator.

3. Due to strong winds, use caution closing and opening doors. Open doors should be secured with a doorstop or
    a chair to prevent slamming and possible breakage.

4. Condominium bed linens or towels are not to be brought to the pool or beach.  No beach towels or clothing are
    permitted to be hung on the balcony rails.

5. Owners & Guests are not permitted to have pets in Condominium units or on Condominium property.

6. When returning from the beach, please rinse sand off at the beach gate.  The washing facility is located near
    the entrance from the beach.

7. Do not play loud music.  Kindly control the noise level of parties after 8:30 PM.

8. Dripping bathing suits are not allowed in the building or in the elevator.

D. Pool Area:

1. Pool hours are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The gate to the beach must be kept locked at all times for security.

2. Plastic utensils are to be used at poolside.  Absolutely NO glassware or other glass items are allowed in the 
    pool area.

3. Keep the pool area clean and free of debris by using the trash container provided.  Wash sand off at the
    shower by the gate entrance before entering the building or entering the pool.  It is very difficult to clean sand
    from the bottom of the pool.

5. Pool furniture is to remain at poolside. It is not to be moved to the beach, to your condominium unit or into the

4. An adult must supervise children under 12 at all times in the pool area.  "Adult" is a person 21 years of age or

5. Personal flotation devices for water safety are advised, especially for young children.  Large floats or boogie
    boards, which make it difficult for others to swim, are not permitted.

6. Beach towels must be used when lying or sitting on pool and patio furniture to protect them from oil and sun-
    screen stains.

7. While in the pool, proper swimming attire must be worn.  No cut offs, t-shirts or jeans.  No children in diapers
    are permitted to enter the pool.